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About Zynk

About Zynk

Zynk is a strategic and specialised communications agency with five main areas of service; positioning and reputation management, leadership and change communications, public affairs, media and crisis communications, and financial communications.

We are convinced that strategic communications, combined with business understanding and leadership experience, is critical in achieving business goals.

Long-term partnership

We work in team with our customers. By doing so, we ensure that customers develop their own communications expertise, and become better equipped to achieve their own goals. Our ambition is to be a long-term partner for our customers and, by working together, creating stronger effects. The majority of our customer relationships spans several years, and in some cases, decades.

Academic development and insight

In a knowledge-based organisation like Zynk, learning is the most important driver of value. We systematically work to update our academic understanding of communications and its related disciplines, using new methodology and developing our own strategic toolbox. A good example is the launch of Q-Ball, a big data tool helping us to test messages and to predict the development of an issue or a trend.

Executive perspective

Through strategic communications, we help our customers to achieve their business goals. This entails both social and business understanding, as well as good understanding of specific industries, and the ability to pursue an executive perspective. Several of our consultants have extensive experience as leaders, but also as advisors to executives, chairmen, and management teams. We conduct senior executive research on a yearly basis, using depth-interview as method, interviewing 20 outstanding senior executives on communications based themes.

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