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About Zynk

About Zynk

Zynk is a strategic and specialised communications agency with four main areas of service; leadership and change communications, positioning and reputation management, public affairs, and media and crisis communications. Our ambition is to be the leading force in the development of each of these areas.

We are convinced that strategic communications, combined with business understanding and leadership experience, is critical to achieving business goals. Through long-term partnerships, a clear top management perspective, insight into the communications discipline, experience, and executional prowess, we help our customers to achieve great goals – and enable these goals to be reached more quickly and effectively than would otherwise have been the case.

Long-term partnership

We work as a team with our customers. In doing so, we ensure that customers develop their own communications expertise, and become better equipped to achieve their own goals. Our ambition is to be a long-term partner for our customers and, by working in cooperation, creating progressively stronger effects. We have had relationships with the majority of our customers for several years and, in some cases, for decades.

Executive perspective

We help our customers to achieve their business goals through strategic communications. This entails both social and business understanding, as well as a good organisational understanding and the ability to assume an executive perspective. We have extensive experience as executives and as advisors to executives. We also conduct research into the agendas and reputation of today’s executive managers.

Academic insight

When entering into projects, Zynk focuses on understanding your business, sector and market. But, most importantly, the advice we offer is academically grounded. In a knowledge-based organisation like Zynk, learning is the most important driver of value. We systematically work to update our academic understanding of communications and its related disciplines. To be able to contribute to our customers we need to stay ahead – or, as we say in Norway, one has to play where the puck is going to be.

Implementation capability

Even the best strategy is useless if it’s left sitting in a drawer. So, we never give up until the strategy you select is actually implemented. And we always pay as much attention to the implementation as we do to the strategizing. In all the strategy documents we create, the final, vital chapter is the implementation plan, which includes all the relevant metrics, and a realistic approach to delivery, progress, and budget management. Whenever it’s useful, we also lease out our advisors to the customer for a set period of time to help with the implementation phase.

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