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Ethics and values

Ethics and values

Zynk aims to be a trusted advisor to our customers. We work with and for the customer, often on their premises, and always seek to be an honest advisor. We are committed to building the right attitudes through continuous discussions around ethical expectations and dilemmas. And, rather than dreaming up a complex set of rules, have developed a simple, six-step maxim:

  • We follow Norwegian law, and norms for good conduct in Norwegian society and business
  • We act in the best interest of the customer and of Zynk
  • We act with integrity and impartiality
  • We are discreet and protect client confidentiality
  • We are open about what interests we represent when contacting media and the government
  • We clarify possible conflicts with existing and new customers alike

We also follow the ethical practices expected of our sector, as laid down by the industry association KOMM.

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