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Zynk Communication & Leadership was founded by three of Norway’s most experienced communications consultants in September 2010. From a small loft in Drammensveien in Oslo, Claus Sonberg, Hans Olav Otterlei, and Jan Glendrange put leadership communications on the map and introduced a strategic perspective that gave new life to the discipline of internal communications. Later that year, Zynk won its very first customers: Yara and NSB. At the time, Zynk was something new and exciting in the industry and, when it added the July 22 Commission to its customer list, the agency attracted serious attention. To take advantage of the founding partners’ expertise and experience outside of leadership communications, the service areas were extended, and both customers and job applications came flooding in.

With an opportunistic recruitment strategy, the agency has attracted a steady, rapid stream of skilled people from journalism, politics, and business, along with ever more interesting customers, and enviable margins. As of this moment, we lay claim to five partners and eleven advisors, several faithful partners and sub-contractors, and the enjoyment of working with some of Norway’s most stimulating organisations and issues. In the autumn of 2015 the agency will be five years old. Despite this relatively tender age, we have already appeared on the prestigious Gazelle List (an annual roll-call of profitable, fast-growing businesses published by Dagens Næringsliv), and been elected the best agency in Norway by our customers.

We must be bold enough to say that, so far, Zynk has been a success – and we will work hard to keep it that way!

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