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Big Data-analysis

Zynk’s Big Data-analysis tool “Q-Ball”, is based on sentence analysis and provides a unique predictive algorithm to collect attitudes, streaming and tendencies among the population based on a large number of data taken from what is written on the internet and in social media. “Q-Ball” bases its analysis on 120 million web pages and 2 billion posts from social media; 9 million of these are Norwegian web pages and tens of millions of tweets.

Analysing what people are writing online and in social media provides a different insight than traditional polls, where people sometimes do not tell the truth.  Moreover, using polls as a research method is a time-consuming process. “Q-Ball” on the other hand, makes it possible to analyse a company, a person or a case right here and now. An algorithm based on psychological decision-making models even makes it possible to anticipate how it will develop over time.

“Q-Ball” can be used to measure reputation effects, trend analysis and message testing through analysis of how different messages and spokes persons are perceived. “Q-Ball” provides documentation and a unique base for decision making in strategy and business development, risk analysis and message development.

“Q-Ball” is developed by the Swedish communications and trend analytics bureau, Quattroporte, and is used by several of Sweden’s and the world largest companies and brands. Zynk has contributed in the development of the Norwegian version of “Q-ball”, and have the sole rights to this analytic tool in Norway.

Reputation, brand and effect measurements

Q-Ball can provide instant analysis of how a company, a person, a brand or a case is perceived right now. It is also possible to analyse how the development has been back in time, based on available online historical data. The analysis provides information about how a company, person or a case is perceived, and the most important drivers and sources behind it. These measurements can be done continuously to track developments and effects of a statement or a campaign. Alternatively, it can be done ad hoc to analyse the consequences of a crisis and how the company is responding to it. It is also possible to do an analysis based on keywords relating to selected topics like innovative, reliable, positive perception, negative perception etc.

Trend analysis (Forecasting)

Trend analysis analyse how a case develops over time and its potential in the future. This tool has foreseen results from elections, what issues, topics and areas that will see a positive development, and the most important trends within a specific area. The analysis can discover issues and risk factors, or identify business opportunities, based on trends and upcoming developments.

Message testing

Message testing is an analysis of which messages and communication concepts that will have the greatest potential for a company or a specific topic. This analysis displays how different messages will affect the perception of the company in the future, and provides documentation and a unique basis to select the most effective messages.

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