Zynk Communication & Leadership


High quality analysis is crucial to develop coherent strategies and to choose the most effective instruments to reach set goals. Your gut feeling is not sufficient. At Zynk, we base our advice on facts and analysis. Then, we combine facts and analysis with our experience, insights, and communication methods to evaluate the strategic implications discovered in the analysis. Not the other way around. As our client, you will experience our passion for gathering available facts and documentation. And if necessary, we take the investigation further to make sure that our advice is based on solid ground.

To communicate effectively, deep insight into target groups, industries, communities and business is required. At Zynk, we work methodically with target group analysis, decision analysis, message analysis, risk analysis, and scenario development. We can offer explorative and qualitative depth interviews, and have over the last couple of years developed our own model for qualitative stakeholder analysis. We work with quantitative data through opinion analysis, collaborating with ‘BTF Innsikt’ in segmented measuring. In addition, we have access to Big Data-analysis through our analytic instrument “Q-Ball”.

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