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Tribe Panel

Zynk has developed the reputation survey TribePanel™ in collaboration with BTF Innsikt and TNS Kantar.

The survey offers organisations a more strategic and effective tool to assess their own reputation. In our experience, many organisations find that traditional reputation measurements work well as a ranking of their own reputation on several variables, compared to other organisations. However, they are less useful in providing an explanation of why the reputation is as it is, and little indication of what the organisation can do to strengthen its reputation. Also, traditional reputational measurements often rank non-comparable organisations against topics and issues that are not necessarily appropriate or relevant.

For a long time, we have identified a need for a reputational survey that goes further than ranking organisations against to a few general indicators. Instead, it needs to:

  • Investigate specific industries and cover the issues that are particularly important in those industries
  • Provide opportunities for comparison against companies within the same industry – alongside the parameters that are important for reputation in that industry.
  • Provide in-depth information on different response segments, including more information about what is contributing to an organisation’s reputation among the respective segments of the population.

TribePanel™ is based on TNS Kantar’s standard reputation survey but has been enhanced with elements that makes it more relevant to specific industries and sectors. By including the most important players in a given sector, companies can measure their reputation against relevant peers, using appropriate parameters for a specific industry.

Currently, we conduct the following surveys:

  1. 1. Industrial survey: The reputation survey includes industrial and energy companies. The industry questions are developed in collaboration with The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise’ associations, The Federation of Norwegian Industries, and Energy Norway.
  2. 2. Finance survey: The reputation survey includes businesses within the finance industry. Industry questions are developed in collaboration with Finance Norway.

We aim to expand TribePanel™ to cover a larger number of industries.

TribePanel™ is conducted with a representative webpanel that is already segmented according to sociological models (the sociorastic model). This model provides insight into what each segment believes in. And, using sociological insight, we are able to say more about the dynamics that unfold between these groups. This provides a unique insight, not just on reputational measures, but about who believes in what, and driving forces behind the different beliefs in the respective segments. In combination, these elements provide significantly better information and, therefore, a far better basis for strategy development and targeted actions.

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